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Expert Pruning, Tree pruning and trimming, Vancouver, WA

What is expert pruning?

Bonsai Japanese Maple
Japanese Maples and Bonsai are my specialty

A customer's first concern is usually a plant's appearance, and beauty is very important. More important though is the health of the plant. Proper cuts heal, but improper cuts wound. A cut should never be made without a reason. The overall shape is secondary to developing strong structure, balanced weight and symmetrical branching. Qualifications of a Certified Arborist are a minimum of three years experience, and successful completion of an extensive examination developed by an international panel of academic and industry experts. To maintain certification continuing education in the latest developments and technology is required. Only after knowing the best methods does the "art" of pruning come into play.

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Steve Pirus
Tree trimming, Tree pruning
Vancouver, Washington

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What is expert pruning?