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Steve Pirus expert tree trimming and pruning in Vancouver, WA

Before and After

Maple trees

Three maple trees, all on the same street, all the same age and same species, showing the difference between trained and untrained trees
Maple Tree before
Maple tree before
Never trained, tree out of balance, poor structure, years of growth wasted
Maple tree in balance
Maple trained and pruned, tree in balance

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Apple trees

Apple tree neglected, with crowded conflicting branches, poor fruiting
Close-up of apple branches
Apple tree pruned to let light in, and encourage fruiting. Balanced branch structure, weight and symmetry
Apple tree in leaf, corrected balance
Apple tree trained as espalier

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Purple plum trees

Purple plum neglected, crowded, conflicting branches, poor structure and wasted growth
Purple plum trained, open, well balanced and spaced branches

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Chinese Elm trees

Chinese elm before
Chinese elm after

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Japanese maple trees

Japanese maple overgrown, before pruning
Japanese maple, after pruning
Japanese maple, before
Japanese maple, after
Japanese maple, before
Japanese maple, after
Japanese maple, before
Japanese maple, after

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Steve Pirus
Tree trimming, Tree pruning
Vancouver, Washington

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