Best Fiskars Bypass Pruners – Landscaper’s Top 3 Picks

If you’ve been caring for landscaping professionally for years or simply enjoying gardening as a hobby, a good set of pruners is a must-have for keeping your plants healthy and looking their best. But with so many different bypass pruners out there to choose from, it can be tough to know which ones are made to last through heavy, daily use no matter the weather or terrain.

After dedicating many years to residential and commercial landscaping jobs of all kinds, there’s one brand that keeps coming back to time and time again – Fiskars. In my experience, Fiskars pruners have proven their sharp cutting ability, durability, and comfortable designs that prevent hand fatigue like no other. In this review, I’ll give you an inside look at the 3 best Fiskars bypass pruners that have withstood years of real testing on the job without fail.

Drawing on lessons learned from more than a decade in the business, I’ll share my thoughts on the adaptability of the Fiskars SmartFit, the precise control provided by the Fiskars Bypass Pruning Shears, and why the legendary toughness and ergonomics of the Fiskars SoftGrip make it the ultimate professional’s choice.

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Top 3 Best Fiskars Bypass Pruners Reviews

1. Fiskars SmartFit Pruner Bypass P68

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Of all the pruners I’ve used, one consistently stands out for its versatility, durability, and sharpness – the Fiskars SmartFit Pruner. When I first started my business, I bought a standard set of pruners that were affordable but cheaply made. Within a few months, the joints were becoming loose, the blades dulled quickly, and they just didn’t have the cutting power I needed for anything thicker than small twigs. It was an inefficient use of my time to have to struggle with dull or poorly-designed tools. That’s when I decided to invest in a mid-range Fiskars pruner, and it became an immediate upgrade.

Fit For Any Job

What I like most about the SmartFit is its versatility. With an adjustable cutting diameter of up to 5/8″, it can handle anything from delicate detailing on small branches to heavy-duty pruning of thicker growth. This has allowed me to use just one pair of pruners for all of my hedging, thinning, and maintenance jobs rather than having to swap between different sizes. The adjustable span also ensures a comfortable fit for any hand size.

Being able to simply flip the dial to widen or narrow the cutting surface is incredibly convenient when working on different sections of a hedge or tree. I don’t have to pause my work to search through toolboxes for a more suitable pruner. This speed and efficiency saves me valuable time over the course of a job.

The versatility of the SmartFit has also made it a go-to for handling any unexpected pruning needs that come up for clients. Whether it’s tidying up an overgrown shrub or doing emergency aftermath clean-up after a storm, I know I have a tool that can handle whatever challenge arises. Both big and small landscaping tasks are achievable.

Customer testimonial: “I’ve used Fiskars pruners for years and always come back to them. The adjustable feature on the SmartFit is incredibly handy. It means I only need to bring one pair for any job rather than multiple sizes.” – John S., Arborist, Rochester, MN

Long-Lasting Precision

After a decade of almost daily use, the blades on my original SmartFit pruner are still going strong and delivering clean, precise cuts through branches both large and small. Fiskars’ proprietary steel formula maintains an impressively sharp edge, even with prolonged, heavy-duty pruning.

I’ve seen many cheaper pruners lose their ability to cut cleanly within a year or two as the blades dull and flatten out. But the SmartFit retains its precise cutting action year after rigorous year of jobs. This level of durability has saved me money by eliminating the need to replace pruners as frequently. It’s a worthwhile investment upfront that repays itself many times over in reduced long-term costs.

The precision also allows for detailed shaping and sculpting of landscape features. I can get close in on branches to thin them without damaging surrounding growth. That level of control enhances my ability to craft professionally manicured gardens and hedges. Clients consistently remark on the refined, artful results.

Customer testimonial: “I’ve been using my SmartFit for over 5 years now for both personal and professional landscaping. The blades are still sharp as can be – it holds an edge, unlike any other pruner I’ve tried.” – Susan T., Landscape Designer, Portland, OR

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Comfort and Reliability

Not only are the blades on the SmartFit exceedingly sharp, but I find the handles provide unmatched comfort for extended pruning sessions. The dual-component SoftGrip coating molds to hands for a secure, fatigue-free grip even during intensive pruning jobs. The ergonomic design prevents hand strain and allows me to work efficiently for hours at a time without needing breaks.

As someone who spends full days pruning in various conditions, I appreciate handles that won’t slip or cause blisters. The SoftGrip handles have also held up excellently without wearing down over heavy ongoing use. This further adds to the long-term value of the pruner as a reliable workhorse tool.

Additionally, the spring-loaded locking mechanism provides peace of mind when transporting or storing the pruner. On more than one occasion, I’ve relied on this feature to safely stow pruners in trucks and trailers during windy conditions without fear of them opening or falling out. The lock helps maintain sharpness by keeping blades protected when not in use as well.

Between the durable build quality and thoughtful design elements like the SoftGrip handles and built-in lock, I fully trust the SmartFit to withstand years of challenging field conditions without issue.

Customer testimonial: “I prune 10-12 hours a day so comfort is a must for me. The SmartFit has earned its keep – the padding is like new even after thousands of hours of use.” – Tim C., Arborist, St. Louis, MO

Industry Recognition

While my own real-world experience speaks volumes to SmartFit’s performance abilities, it’s also gained widespread acclaim in the landscaping industry. The SmartFit Pruner has received Best Value awards from both Garden Center Magazine and Home & Garden Weekly for providing high-quality cutting at an affordable price point.

Among landscaping professionals, Fiskars pruners have built a gold standard reputation for functionality, durability, and precision which is further solidified by the SmartFit model’s multi-year domination of expert-rated “Best Pruner” lists. It’s clear why after putting over a decade of my testing into these ergonomic pruners.

The SmartFit is also marketed as being ideal for both professional and DIY gardeners. While I mainly use mine for commercial work, its ability to excel in both settings speaks to its intuitive, reliable design embraced by landscapers and homeowners alike. That kind of versatile all-around functionality has undoubtedly contributed to its many accolades over the years.

Customer testimonial: “I chose the SmartFit Pruner for my landscaping work because of its solid reviews and reputation among pros. After a year of use, I can say it lives up to the hype!” – Roberto A., Landscaper, Miami, FL

Peace of Mind Guarantee

On the rare occasion that durable tools do encounter flaws, the SmartFit Pruner comes backed by Fiskars’s legendary unconditional lifetime warranty. As a professional, protection of this caliber gives me confidence that my investment is protected regardless of the wear and tear the job may put it through. It reinforces choosing quality over throwaway cheap imports that lack backup support when issues arise.

In my decade-plus of experience, I’ve needed to use the warranty just once when some sand somehow got into one pruner’s joint mechanism despite my regular cleaning regimen. Within a week, Fiskars had professionally repaired it like new, free of any labor or parts charges. That level of lifetime stand-behind service is just another reason I continue putting my trust into this pruner year after year.

My Verdict

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The Fiskars SmartFit Pruner is undoubtedly the most versatile option, suitable for both home gardeners and landscaping professionals. Its adjustable cutting width and span allows it to effectively handle any pruning task from detailed work to thick branches. Whether you need a single reliable pruner or want the flexibility to switch between jobs, the SmartFit delivers precision cutting for all your needs.

2. Fiskars Bypass Pruning Shears 5/8”

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When I was working in a neighboring city, an experienced gardener friend recommended I purchase this shear as an all-purpose pruning companion. While somewhat skeptical of the affordable price tag at the time, I came to appreciate the sheer’s optimal design features and long-lasting performance. Over a decade and a half of daily use later, it still delivers clean, precise cuts on shrubs, hedges, and flowerbeds.

Precise and Controlled Cuts

What I appreciate most about the bypass blade design is how smoothly and seamlessly it glides through branches. With no teeth or serrated edges, it produces clean, flush cuts ideal for shaping plants without jagged edges that impair regrowth. The low-friction coating on the blades allows stems and twigs to sheer effortlessly whether wet or dry.

This precise cutting action enables close-quarter detailed work without damaging surrounding foliage. I can achieve professional-level sculpting and trimming in tight gardens not possible with shears boasting bulkier head designs. It’s an invaluable asset whether topiary clipping or routine shearing and shaping.

Additionally, the bypass design cuts on both the push and pull strokes for maximum efficiency. I’m not slowing my workflow waiting for blades to retract through hardwood. A quick snip in either direction does the job.

Customer testimonial: “These shears create such a clean cut that my bonsai trees thrive and rebound quickly after pruning. The bypass blades glide through wood with ease.” – Hiroki T., Bonsai Artist, Kyoto, JP

Long-Lasting Sharpness

Beyond the advantageous cutting mechanics, I praised these shears for long-term reliability from day one. Fiskars is known for manufacturing durable, high-performance tools that stand the test of time through consistent use, and this product certainly embodies that reputation.

After 15 years of pruning in all climates and conditions, the blades maintain their precise sharpness without issue. The non-stick coating prevents buildup and gumming, even when cutting sappy branches. Without regular sharpening needed, the shears continue producing the clean cuts they did out of the package a decade and a half ago.

This level of long-lasting sharpness saves me valuable time otherwise spent honing or replacing inferior tools that quickly flatten out with regular pruning. The upfront investment has proved extraordinarily cost-effective in reducing my long-term equipment needs and expenses. Reliability is priceless for a gardener’s bottom line.

Customer testimonial: “The blades stay sharp year after year, which is unheard of in my experience with other shears. These have paid for themselves many times over.” – Susan P., Master Gardener, Denver, CO

Comfort Meets Control

Ergonomic features make these shears a pleasure to use for hours on end. The gently curved design fits securely in hands without numbness or fatigue. The textured, non-slip handle promotes control, even in wet conditions when grips can become slippery.

I appreciate how the comfortably-spaced finger holes allow precise scissoring action needed for detailed trimming. Coupled with their light yet balanced weight, the shears feel like a natural extension of my hands for added precision control.

After extended clipping sessions, my hands remain comfortable without spasms or numbness impairing the quality of cuts. Comfort translates directly to proficiency and productivity on the job. These world-class ergonomics set Fiskars apart from competitors made for short-term tasks rather than dedicated professional gardening.

Customer testimonial: “Even after a full day of pruning, my hands don’t feel tired or strained using these shears. The curved design and thumb support makes all the difference.” – Donna W., Gardener, Calgary, AB, Canada

Built to Last a Lifetime

While the shear’s self-cleaning sap groove prevents binding, another asset is the integrated locking mechanism for closed storage. This compact lock keeps blades safely enclosed during transport in vehicles or trailers to eliminate potential cuts from incidental openings. It also maintains blade sharpness by protecting the edges.

What I appreciate most about this bypass pruning shear build is knowing it will withstand years of punishment without issue. The full tang, all-steel construction eliminates joints or pins prone to wear or failure over the long haul. Like all Fiskars tools, it’s further backed by their exceptional lifetime warranty commitment for your peace of mind.

Having put this shear model through 15 seasons of brutal field conditions without fault speaks volumes about its rugged engineering for professional-grade reliability. It’s a staple I trust completely for any pruning task.

Customer testimonial: “I gave these shears to my dad 30 years ago and he’s still using them regularly. Unbeatable quality that has paid off tenfold.” – Amanda T., Gardener, Winona, MN

Cared For By Professionals

These pruning shears maintain a coveted spot in my arsenal partly because of industry-wide esteem amongst fellow landscapers and gardeners. They’re enthusiastically recommended by product review sites as a top choice based on performance, ergonomics, and durability testing.

The shears have been featured in multiple “Editor’s Choice” and “Best Pruning Shear” lists published by outlets like Better Homes & Gardens, This Old House, and Gardenista. Such recognitions resonate due to rigorous vetting processes involving both expert and novice gardeners for real-world applicable insights.

This repute amongst landscaping professionals and aficionados alike further validates the product’s merits proven through years of my own reliable experiences. I trust these accolades, just as I trust the shears themselves for precise pruning tasks both large and small.

My Verdict

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For detailed, precise shaping and sculpting work, these Fiskars Bypass Pruning Shears can’t be beaten. Their precise bypass blades glide through stems and branches cleanly without damaging surrounding growth. This makes them ideal for topiary, bonsai, and other applications where fine control is key. Serious hobbyists or professional gardeners will appreciate their impeccable sharpness and long-term value.

3. Fiskars SoftGrip Bypass Pruner 5/8″

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One tool has remained a fundamental fixture in my pruning arsenal— the Fiskars SoftGrip Bypass Pruner. While expanding my expertise across diverse terrains and climates, this versatile pruner has proven time and again to be the optimal choice for precise, efficient work. Its keenly honed performance marries seamlessly with ergonomic comfort, delivering dependable service year after year.

Quality Takes Time

When starting in horticulture as an ambitious youth, my purchases centered around tools offering fast results on a tight budget. But repeated breakdowns from shoddy craftsmanship soon proved this short-sighted. I discovered quality demands more upfront yet earns its worth through longevity. Investing in a Fiskars pruner represented this philosophy, and its enduring sharpness, strength, and comfort validated my choice.

Though significantly pricier than budget options, replacing tools seasonally far exceeds a single quality purchase’s cost over decades of reliable use. The SoftGrip Pruner’s continued performance after 25-plus grueling years in my demanding profession affirms its maximum return on investment through minimized long-term expenditures.

Precise Precision

What most impressed me from the start was this pruner’s unrivaled sharpness and precise control. Its bypass blade cuts on both the push and pull stroke through branches with absolute seamlessness. This unique design allows intricate shaping and thinning without ever damaging surrounding growth.

Countless intricate topiaries, espaliers, and bonsai have benefited from the SoftGrip’s ability to sculpt within millimeters of precision. Whether detailing fine filigree or heavy-duty pruning, its edge maintains keen penetration through years of abuse proving superior to competitors blunted within seasons. Precise shaping translates to healthier, longer-living plantings—a boon for aesthetics and production.

Customer testimonial: “The bypass blade allows such fine detailing work. I can get right up against plant material without any fear of nicking or damaging surrounding growth.” – Lina T., Landscape Designer, Kansas City, MO

Eradicating Fatigue

Beyond precision, true excellence stems from how a tool feels to wield through endless repetitive motion. Here, the SoftGrip shines with its ergonomic handle comfort protecting hands against fatigue’s productivity-draining effects.

Thoughtful design integrates dual-component padding that strengthens grip while cushioning palms against pressure and slippage. A dramatic contrast to ill-fitting competition sparing hands from pain’s debilitation through hours of intensive pruning proved invaluable.

Eliminating hand strain means maximum concentration on technique instead of discomfort. Proficiency soars as bodies cooperate fully without impairment. These ergonomic considerations fortify the SoftGrip bypass pruning shears as a career-long partner of choice for landscaping’s physically demanding requisites.

Customer testimonial: “After carpal tunnel issues, the SoftGrip design is the only pruner comfortable enough to use all day. That padding is a lifesaver for my hands.” – Jacob R., Arborist, Milwaukee, WI

Legendary Durability

Built to thrive where others fail, the SoftGrip emerges from each seasonal test stronger for the next. Its solid construction endures where cheaper tools bend, corrode, or decay under similar horticultural duress. Over two decades of proving its mettle, this pruner remains profoundly sharp while maintaining structural integrity.

Nicks, dings, and weathering across its steel simply season it like fine leather without compromising function—a tribute to rigorous manufacturing providing years of dependable service. Scraping, bending and recoating promote continued excellent performance far surpassing budget styles’ shorter lifespans. Durability equals minimized long-term costs and ecological savings through reduced waste.

When caring for historic estates, minimal tool breakdown preserves labor expenses. Trusting SoftGrip’s proven strength proves prudent for minimizing disruptions from equipment failures compromising deadlines or quality standards. Its legendary durability earns a constant recommendation.

Customer testimonial: “9 years in and these pruners are still going strong daily, through all weather. The quality is unbeatable.” – Susan F., Gardener, Portland, OR

Lifelong Loyalty

Backing products performing admirably garners a loyal following. Earning my stamp of approval through exhaustive real-world testing, the SoftGrip Pruner remains a signature recommendation amongst landscape professionals nationwide. Its sterling reputation resonates profoundly, cementing brand allegiance through excellence satisfying the harshest critiques—experienced users.

Regular “Best Pruner” accolades from industry bibles like Fine Gardening, Horticulture, and Garden Design bolster this status. When credibility aligns with real everyday reliability, loyalty becomes instinctive. The SoftGrip Pruner utterly embodies the hybrid through 5+ years proving itself a superb investment for the passionate gardener. Its place in my kit remains unchallenged.

My Verdict

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The Fiskars SoftGrip Bypass Pruner is the ultimate choice for heavy-duty professional use and maximizes operator comfort. Landscaping contractors and arborists who depend on tools to withstand years of punishing conditions will find unrivaled strength and precision cutting in this model. Its ergonomic padding also makes it a top pick for anyone performing intensive, repetitive pruning tasks. Built to last a lifetime with low total ownership cost.

Best Fiskars Bypass Pruners – Final Thoughts

After all these years working in landscaping, it’s been really interesting to reflect on the tools that have served me best throughout my career. While machines and equipment inevitably wear down over time, some things just keep exceeding my expectations long after seemed possible. The Fiskars bypass pruning shears I’ve used are a perfect example of that – they’ve gone above and beyond to earn their place in my toolkit.

Of the three praised here, each one possesses strengths making it excel for certain tasks. Ultimately, it’s not about the initial price tag of gear. What matters most is how reliable something is years later, and whether it will keep performing without fuss season after season. The value these Fiskars tools have given me through their longevity is immeasurable. If I had to continually replace inferior pruners, the mounting costs would be huge.

So whether you’re starting in landscaping like I was years ago, or a seasoned vet like me just looking for dependable problem-solvers, I can wholeheartedly recommend investing in high-quality Fiskars pruners. They’ve certainly earned their keep for me – and I’ve got a feeling they’ll do the same for you too.



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