MZK 20V Pole Pruning Shear – 6 Reasons Why You Need It

While working as a professional landscaper, I’ve purchased and gone through more pruning tools than I can count. From Basic hand pruners to extendable pole pruners to gas-powered trimming monsters – you name it, I’ve tried it. But after recently getting my hands on the MZK 20V Pole Pruning Shear, I can say with confidence that my quest for the perfect pruning setup is finally over. This battery-powered pole pruner has quickly become the most valuable tool in my arsenal for any pruning or trimming task.

Premium Quality Down to the Details

Right when I unboxed the MZK cordless pole pruner, I could tell I was handling a seriously well-made professional-grade tool rather than some cheap piece of portable yard gear. The thick aluminum center pole is solid yet lightweight, with a quality rubberized grip that’s extremely comfortable and non-slip – even when working on hot, sweaty days.

But the brilliance in the design comes from how the pole can extend outwards up to an incredible 12 feet in length with the simple press of a button. This extendable reach combined with the pivoting pole head that can adjust to 7 different angled positions is an absolute game-changer for pruning those frustrating high areas.

No more having to awkwardly position bulky ladders or contort my body into uncomfortable twisting positions to try and reach up high. With the MZK pruner, I can work safely from the ground while still being able to easily access every last branch, even on towering trees and hedges.

As someone with chronic lower back issues from decades of landscaping, being able to prune entire trees from start to finish without ever climbing a ladder or lifting anything heavy has been life-changing. I finish full pruning jobs now with way less lingering back pain and fatigue.

The pivot head also makes it simple to prune from a wider range of angles and attack thicker branches with maximum leverage. I’m able to cleanly slice through branches I previously would have needed a chainsaw for, all without killing my back.

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Brute Cutting Force Powered by a Beast

While the extending pole and pivot head design alone would make the MZK pruner a worthy upgrade, it’s the sheer cutting force and battery power of this tool that puts it over the top as a must-have for any pro landscaper or serious gardener.

Pruning Blades That Slice Through Anything

Right off the bat, I knew I was in for a treat as soon as I got a look at the pruner’s business end – those thick, razor-sharp bypass pruning blades mean business. Made from high-quality forged SK5 carbon steel, these blades are made to last while still being able to maintain an incredibly sharp edge for clean cutting.

The dual scissor-style bypass blade design features a serrated edge that bites into branches to prevent slipping and stalling when making tougher cuts. Many pruning tools falter and get stuck on thicker branch cuts, but not the MZK pruner.

And by thicker branches, I mean this beast can muscle through impressive 1.2-inch diameter cuts without breaking a sweat thanks to its sheer cutting power. You simply line up a branch between those serrated blades, squeeze the trigger, and SNAP! – even those stubborn thick ones are sliced right through in one clean motion.

As someone who regularly has to work on massively overgrown yards with 1″+ branch buildups everywhere from lack of maintenance, these pruners have been an absolute godsend. What used to require hauling around a chainsaw plus hand tools can now be accomplished with just the MZK pruner.

No more wasting time and energy wrestling with manual loppers and pruners, having to find the perfect angle to wedge those extra thick branches through. A quick snip from the MZK pruner’s blades and even the gnarliest 1″ oak suckers are severed with brute force and zero stalling.

Seriously, the cutting power and leverage on these pruning shears are genuinely mind-blowing if you’ve only used classic pruners and loppers before. It makes short work of anything you point it at – thick brambles, dense brush, unruly hedges – all get sliced down to size promptly with clean, precise cuts.

And that serrated blade design prevents any excessive tearing or jagged cuts too. You get a clean, pruner finish even on delicate plants, not a shredded jagged mess like you’d get from trying to muscle branches through dull bypass pruners.

Battery-Powered Shear to Go All Day

Of course, even the sharpest, strongest pruning blades would be useless without the power to repeatedly drive them through branches. And in that department, the MZK pruner’s 20V battery delivers in spades, providing seemingly unlimited constant cutting force.

Unlike the batteries on some electric pole pruners that seem to drain rapidly, the MZK’s battery maintains full force and cuts power for hours on end, letting me prune nonstop without it ever bogging down or slowing on me. I’ve frequently gotten 2-3 full landscaping days of intensive pruning out of a single battery charge!

On the rare occasion the battery does start getting low during a bigger job, no problem – just swap in the included spare and keep right on working while the first recharges. And those batteries recharge fully in only about 60-90 minutes, so I’m never stuck waiting around too long to get back up and pruning.

The pruner itself has built-in safety features to maximize battery longevity as well. It automatically powers down after being idle for a couple of minutes, then instantly roars back to life when you go to cut. So no more wasting battery life if I set it down for a bit.

MZK 20V Pole Pruning Shear – Built-In Safety for Peace of Mind

Speaking of safety, that’s another major factor that gives me confidence in bringing the MZK 20v pole pruning shear to any job site. While many pruners can feel like an accident waiting to happen with their hair-trigger activation, the MZK’s dual safety switches prevent any accidental startups or cuts.

You have to deliberately depress both the top switch and trigger simultaneously for the pruner to activate its shears. So no more worrying about something brushing against the trigger and causing an injury or damaging surfaces. It’s a smart design that gives me extra peace of mind, especially when pruning around homes or other areas with potential hazards.

The Pruner That Pays For Itself

Now at this point, you may be thinking “Wow, this MZK pruner sounds incredible, but it must cost an arm and a leg compared to regular pruners, right?”

And I’ll be upfront – the initial purchase price of the MZK 20V Pole Pruner isn’t cheap. Costing $100 or more, it is a serious investment compared to those basic $20 manual pruners or loppers from the hardware store.

However, if you prune anything more than just a few casual bushes each year, whether for work or even just your gardens, this pole pruner will pay for itself extremely quickly through the sheer time, effort, and aggravation it saves you over using traditional pruning tools.

Think about those times you’ve attempted to prune out thick brambles or an overgrown area, having to constantly reposition ladders, switch between different loppers and hand tools, and being forced to take regular breaks as your hands wear out from the strain.

Now imagine being able to simply roll up, give the MZK pruner a full charge, and take care of even the toughest pruning in a fraction of the typical time – while working safely, efficiently, and with zero hand fatigue from the pole’s leverage and the battery power.

The amount of time and physical strain it saves me on even a single job site is enough for the pruner to have already paid itself off. And then I get years upon years of continued elite pruning performance out of this sturdy, professional-grade tool.

Based on the incredible cutting power, battery life, reach, and ease-of-use I’ve experienced over many months of putting the MZK pruner through its paces in the field, I expect I’ll still be using this specific pruner for at least the next 5-10 years before it may potentially need replacing. That’s over a decade of being able to show up ready to blaze through even the most excessively overgrown jobs without having to spend a dime on additional pruning tools.

So while the MZK pruner’s upfront sticker price may seem steep, you get what you pay for in elite quality, longevity, and time/effort savings. It ends up being a steal compared to constantly buying and replacing dull, short-lasting pruners every year or two.

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The Perfect Pruner for Pros and Plant Lovers

Whether you’re a professional landscaper looking to radically upgrade your pruning efficiency, an avid gardener tired of dealing with hand strain from manual pruners, or just a homeowner who values having the right tools for the job, the MZK 20V Pole Pruner deserves a spot in your tool shed.

For the Working Professional

As a pro landscaper who has put this pruner through its paces on endless residential and commercial jobs, it has quickly become my go-to tool for just about any pruning task. I use it for everything from basic trimming and hedge maintenance to full-scale tree pruning and clearing out overgrown lots.

Having a pole pruner I can fully rely on to slice cleanly through even the gnarliest 1″+ branches without stalling or binding up has been a game-changer for my productivity and efficiency. No more wasting time swapping between different tools or taking breaks to rest my hands.

I can roll onto an overgrown site, give the MZK pruner a quick charge, and then power through clearing entire sections of thick brush and tangled tree limbs in a fraction of the typical time – all while maintaining ideal leverage thanks to the extending pole and pivoting head.

I’ve used it to prune towering trees over 25 feet tall without once having to climb a ladder. To reclaim overtaken fields and lots packed with dense 1″+ brambles. To bring even the most wildly unkempt yard back under control through sheer cutting force.

And despite putting this pruner through grueling job after grueling job, it keeps on chugging along like a champ without any degradation in cutting power or battery life. The durable construction combined with that relentless 20V motor ensures I get consistent elite performance year after year.

MZK 20V Pole Pruning Shear For the Home Gardener

Of course, you don’t need to be a professional landscaping crew of one to find immense value and joy in owning the MZK pole pruner. If you have even a modest lawn plus some trees and larger bushes, this tool will quickly become a permanent part of your gardening arsenal.

Any passionate home gardener knows the particular dread that comes with pruning season and having to wrestle with bulky manual pruners, clunky loppers, and navigating precarious ladders – all while putting excessive strain on your hands, back, and body. With the MZK pruner, all of those frustrations and pains become a thing of the past.

Gone are the fears of pruning those towering trees and hard-to-reach areas without a huge hassle. With the extendable 12ft pole, you can casually prune from the safety of the ground without needing to climb up or wrangle around with ladders. No more strain on your back!

And when it comes time to take down those thick suckers and overgrown branches you’ve let go too long, you’ll make short work of them thanks to the sheer cutting power of the pruner’s blades. What used to take tremendous effort wrestling branch after branch through your old pruners is accomplished in a fraction of the time (and hand pain) now.

For elderly gardeners with mobility or hand dexterity issues, or for anyone who struggles with pruning tools due to arthritis or repetitive strain, the MZK pole pruner can be a true game-changer. You get incredible cutting performance and high reach capability without any of the gripping effort or hand strain associated with classic pruners.

A “Life Hack” Tool for Homeowners

While certainly a professional-grade pruning powerhouse, I’ve also found the MZK 20v pole pruning shear to be the perfect “life hack” tool for tackling all sorts of pruning and trimming tasks around the yard as a homeowner.

Have some overgrown bushes or tree limbs encroaching on your lawn, driveway, or patio? Instead of hauling out clumsy manual loppers or pruners, you can quickly snip them back with the MZK pruner’s buttery smooth cutting blades and pivoting pole head.

Notice some unsightly dead branches up high on your trees? Give them a quick slice with the extending pole instead of scrambling to set up a ladder or cherry picker.

Need to blaze a new path by clearing out a brush-choked area of your property? Let the MZK pruner’s powered cutting force go to work while you rake up the debris.

You can even use this tool for periodic edging and cleanup work along planting beds and fencelines to Cut back any intrusive growth. The pivoting head can get nice and low for precision trimming, then you just extend the pole up high for taller spots. It’s a beautifully versatile all-in-one pruning solution for any property.

Final Verdict – A Worthy Investment

At the end of the day, the MZK 20V Pole Pruning Shear is not a bargain-bin tool by any means. With a price tag that can creep above $100 for the full kit, it represents a serious investment for the average homeowner or gardening enthusiast.

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However, if you have any significant amount of pruning to do in your life beyond just basic bush trims, this pole pruner will pay for itself extremely quickly through the sheer time and effort it saves you over using classic pruning tools. Not to mention the injury prevention from avoiding hand strain and ladder incidents.

For professionals like myself who make their living through landscaping, it’s an absolute no-brainer must-have tool. The unmatched efficiency, cutting power, battery life, and saved labor/risk make it worth every penny and then some on a single job.

More importantly, the MZK pruner just completely changes the pruning game compared to outdated manual tools and even other electric pruners. You get performance and quality that feels straight out of the future.

With its extendable pole, pivoting head, ferocious cutting blades, and robust battery power, the MZK pruner gives you unprecedented control to effortlessly prune and clear just about anything quickly and accurately with no strain on your hands or body. It modernizes the entire pruning process into an easy push-button experience.

So if you’ve been stuck using the same old clunky pruners and loppers for years, repeatedly dreading pruning season and all the pain and struggle it involves, do yourself a favor and invest in the MZK 20V Pole Pruning Shear. It will completely revolutionize how you think about pruning and trimming your property into an easy, effortless experience.

Don’t settle for pruning like it’s the 19th century anymore. Upgrade to this premium 21st-century pole pruner and experience the future of pruning and trimming – zero effort, maximum cutting power, and complete control over every branch.

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