RYOBI ONE+ Plus Cordless Shear and Trimmer Review- Unbelievable Power!

With 15 years in the business, I’ve logged my fair share of hours with every kind of landscaping tool under the sun. Whether gas trimmers or electric clippers, if it trimmed a hedge or blade of grass, I’ve likely used it.

That said, I’ll admit I had doubts about battery power keeping up with the rigors of professional use. All that changed once I gave RYOBI One+ Plus cordless grass shear and shrub trimmer a spin last season. What an impressive little machine!

Light enough for detail work, yet packed more than enough punch. Before long it was a trusted part of my arsenal. Clients barely believed it ran without plugging in. But run it did – and with flying colors at that.

Let me share what converted this skeptic. What features and qualities proved this compact tool could hang with big jobs just as well as small touch-ups? Its performance left even a seasoned pro like me wondering why I’d waited so long to give it a try.

Expectations duly exceeded, I’m now a true believer in its capabilities. So if you’re on the fence, I hope my experience sways you as it did me. There’s only one way to understand its strengths – see for yourself!

RYOBI ONE+ Plus Power and Performance

Don’t underestimate the RYOBI ONE Plus due to its size and battery power – it packs immense trimming and shearing strength. Running on an 8V 1.3Ah lithium-ion battery, this cordless tool effortlessly tears through thick branches and shrubs up to 5/16 inches thick.

The dual-action blades make quick work of shearing ornamental grasses, trimming hedges and bushes, pruning perennial growth, and cutting background cover. Its cutting power matches the higher-voltage battery trimmers I’ve used.

What truly sets this tool apart is how smoothly it slices through vegetation with a sawing motion from the dual blades, rather than labored cutting. This results in cleaner, neater cuts with less vibration and user fatigue.

I’ve used the RYOBI shear and trimmer extensively on various plants, and it has never strained or bogged down, even with thick cuts. It just keeps shearing reliably all day.

Compact and Lightweight Design

RYOBI ONE+ 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Grass Shear and Shrubber Trimmer - 1.3 Ah Battery and Charger Included

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I can’t stress enough how impressed I am with this tool’s lightweight handling. Tip the scales at a spit over 2 pounds with battery mounted, and it feels like nothing’s there.

Now that lack of bulk packs a punch. Don’t let the svelte stature fool you – this little trimmer tackles like something twice its size. Necessary for any task requiring finesse or squeezing into tight spots.

I can shear all day without fatigue thanks to the ergonomic soft grip handle and balanced feel. Unlike heavier trimmers that cause wrist, arm, or back strain with extended use, I’ve never experienced any issues with the RYOBI.

Its compact 15.5-inch length also allows me to easily access tight spaces between plantings, under decks, and around obstacles that larger tools cannot reach. I’ve been able to meticulously manicure areas I previously had to maintain by hand.

This tool feels like it was grafted right onto my arm. The balance between its minute weight and compact design brings such exceptional control. Nothing feels out of reach when trimming beds, borders, or pathways with this level of finesse.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

Its power belies that lightweight frame as well. A full charge from the 1.3Ah battery fuels 30-45 minutes of run time, more than covering my average job. Yet it recharges swiftly to get back to work.

I appreciate the versatility of sharing batteries too across RYOBI’s ONE+ platform. Need an edge for an extra-long day? Swap in their larger capacity 4 or 6Ah power packs. Suddenly you’ve got runtime to spare for extensive grounds.

It’s considerations like swappable batteries that reveal thoughtful engineering. Customers want options, whether utilizing one tool or their whole system. This level of flexibility proves a commitment to meeting myriad needs – big or small jobs, short or sustained sessions. Which makes such a compact trimmer feel surprisingly full-featured.

I truly appreciate not having to deal with gasoline, pull cords, and exhaust fumes. The RYOBI lets me prune and trim with zero emissions, less noise, and no finicky engines or tangled cords to deal with. I can shear all day without lugging around heavy equipment.

Sixty short minutes is all it takes to bring the battery completely back to life with the wall charger. But with a spare always on standby, I’ve not wanted power even across full workdays.

My truck’s built-in charging bay keeps an extra battery fuelled and ready. A quick swap out when the first runs low, and I’m instantly back at it without wasting time. That seamless switching capability has enabled nonstop productivity.

Ryobi ONE+ Plus Versatile Use

While technically called a “grass shear,” I’ve used the RYOBI trimmer for countless different pruning and trimming tasks around properties. This tool is a true pruning powerhouse that does far more than just shearing grass!

I’ve relied on the RYOBI cordless shear for:

  • Trimming ornamental grasses
  • Shearing hedges and bushes
  • Cutting back perennial growth
  • Pruning trees and shaping tree lines
  • Edging along beds, pathways, and borders
  • Cutting through thick patches of weeds and undergrowth
  • Shearing ground cover like ivy, pachysandra, and vinca
  • Deadheading flowers and pruning rose bushes
  • General gardening and cleanups

The trimmer feels perfectly balanced and comfortable whether I’m pruning high up, down low, or anywhere in between. Overhead trimming is effortless thanks to the lightweight design.

I’ve used many pruning shears over the years that inevitably get dull and require frequent sharpening or blade replacements. However, the hardened dual-action blades on the RYOBI have held their edge incredibly well through heavy use, even on tough woody stems.

The trimmer has two blade positions with the touch of a button: a shearing mode for most trimming tasks and a rotating blade mode for slicing through heavier growth-like thick brambles. I primarily leave it in trimmer mode, but the second mode is handy for powering through stubborn vegetation.

The RYOBI shear/trimmer can be gripped differently depending on the pruning angle and plant size. I especially appreciate the articulating head that can rotate 360° to provide better access into tight spaces, against walls, or under shrubs. The pivoting head has given me much better visibility and control over what I’m cutting.

Real-World Reliability and Toughness

As a professional landscaper, I put my tools through absolute hell. They get dropped, banged around, used in dirt and mud, rained and snowed on – you name it. Tools that can’t handle serious outdoor abuse get relegated to the garage or trashed.

I’ll admit, when I first unboxed the RYOBI cordless trimmer, I was skeptical about its long-term durability based on its lightweight plastic construction. Boy, was I wrong to judge this tool by its appearance!

The RYOBI has proven to be an absolute beast that can shrug off any abuse I dish out. It has zero problems powering through thick weeds and brambles, yet the outer housing has withstood scratches, dents, drops, and general wear and tear.

From the motor to the blades, the internal components are over-engineered and built to last. Even after a full season of heavy use on multiple properties, the shear is still running smoothly like the day I got it.

This trimmer can genuinely take a beating! I’ve knocked it off truck tailgates onto the pavement, sent it tumbling down hillsides, and buried it under piles of pruned branches, yet it just keeps going. The blades have gotten stuck in some thicker branches but quickly free themselves without issue.

I’ve used the RYOBI in all sorts of inclement weather, and it shrugs off wind, rain, and even snow without any problems. The outer housing doesn’t seem to mind getting soaked or muddy and dries out quickly. The internal electrical components have remained perfectly dry inside the sealed casing.

Unlike some larger battery trimmers, there are no air vents or cooling fans to let in moisture or debris. The RYOBI’s sealed design has kept out every bit of dust, pollen, and gunk I’ve put it through.

I’ve been thoroughly impressed by how incredibly durable yet lightweight the RYOBI shear/trimmer is. It’s a compact tool that can genuinely withstand professional-grade abuse season after season without sacrificing performance or longevity.

Excellent Value and Versatility

RYOBI ONE+ 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Grass Shear and Shrubber Trimmer - 1.3 Ah Battery and Charger Included

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For professionals like myself, we demand a lot from our tools and equipment. We need gear that is powerful yet portable, heavy-duty yet lightweight, and most importantly – affordable enough to outfit our entire crews.

At a pocket-friendly price for the complete kit including the trimmer, battery, and charger, the RYOBI ONE+ Plus Cordless Shear and Trimmer delivers serious professional performance at an exceptional value. This affordable price point makes it an easy purchase decision to outfit my entire landscaping crew.

Beyond just the initial cost, the RYOBI system provides fantastic versatility by running on the same 18V lithium-ion batteries used across the brand’s lineup of over 225+ tools. As a ONE+ user, I can share battery packs between all of my RYOBI outdoor power tools like lawnmowers, leaf blowers, hedge trimmers, and more.

This cordless capability allows me to leave tangle-prone extension cords and trip hazards behind while still bringing serious power wherever pruning and trimming are needed. We can shear all day without being tethered by a cord or weighed down by heavy equipment.

On larger trimming jobs, I equip the crew with backup battery packs to swap out as needed to keep everyone working without delays for recharging. The rapid 1-hour charge times with the included wall chargers minimize any downtime.

The RYOBI shear delivers incredible portability and convenience when moving from property to property. It easily stows away with my hand tools in the truck between jobs without taking up excessive space or adding significant weight.

When I’m not using my larger riding mowers and zero-turn units, I love bringing just the RYOBI cordless trimmer along for smaller pruning tasks and gardening work. It’s the perfect compact yet powerful tool for maintenance trimming that doesn’t require firing up heavy equipment.

No Gas, No Fumes, No Noise

As someone who works in landscaping, I’ve become more conscious of how my work affects the environment and communities. I’ve tried hard to cut down on things like emissions from equipment, loud noises while working, and the overall amount of pollution I create. I want to be mindful of my impact and do what I can to lessen any negative effects on the planet and neighborhoods I work in. It’s important to me that I sustainably do my job.

Gasoline-powered outdoor equipment has been one of the biggest culprits of job site pollution and disturbances. Between the exhaust fumes and ear-splitting engine noise, I’ve had to carefully schedule which days I can take on projects in certain neighborhoods to avoid complaints.

The RYOBI ONE+ Plus battery-powered trimmer has been a total game-changer by allowing us to prune and shear with zero direct emissions and dramatically less noise and disturbance. I can’t overstate what a difference this has made in my ability to take on jobs in emission-restricted areas and noise-sensitive neighborhoods.

With the RYOBI cordless shear, there’s no more fussing with installing fresh gas/oil mixtures or worrying about spillage and fumes. My crew stays productive with no stops to refuel, no need to keep fuel supplies stocked, and no maintenance headaches like cleaning clogged equipment.

While not silent, the electric motor on the RYOBI operates at a much lower decibel level than comparable gas trimmers. I can use it first thing in the morning or even during evening hours without the roar of combustion engines disturbing residents. I don’t have to wear hearing protection to use this tool.

I’ve had zero noise complaints from clients or neighbors while using the RYOBI trimmer for general pruning work. It’s quiet enough to let nearby conversations continue uninterrupted and not scare away local wildlife while we’re working.

Thanks to the lithium-ion battery output, the trimmer also runs much cooler and produces no emissions byproducts. There are no noxious exhaust fumes to breathe in or pollute the surrounding environment. This greener way of working is greatly appreciated by my crews and clients alike.

For professional landscapers committed to sustainable practices and complying with tightening emissions regulations, the RYOBI Cordless Shear and Trimmer is an easy switch that delivers clean, quiet operation without sacrificing power or performance.

Final Verdict: Ryobi ONE+ Plus is a Versatile Tool I Can’t Work Without

I’ll admit, when I first bought this RYOBI trimmer, I didn’t expect it to become so integral. But everywhere I’ve brought it, this little dynamo has amazed me with its grit and grace.

The more properties it preens, the fonder I grow. I reach for it over bulkier gear nearly every time now. Its strength belies its svelte size, and the precision that affords can’t be beat.

Yet what impresses me most is how it handles heavy lifting without taxing my body. Even whole days in the field fly by without fatigue thanks to the light balance and swift, sure cutting. It’s redefined what “maneuverable” means to this lifelong landscaper.

What I perhaps appreciate most is how incredibly versatile the RYOBI shear has proven to be. While technically a “grass shear,” I’ve used this all-purpose pruning machine for everything from shaping hedges and bushes to edging borders and cutting back thick undergrowth. It tackles any trimming or pruning task I give it.

For professional landscapers seeking a powerful yet portable trimming solution, the RYOBI ONE+ Plus Cordless Shear and Trimmer deserve serious consideration. It has undoubtedly become one of the most valuable tools in my arsenal for clean, efficient pruning work all season long.

Whether you maintain residential or commercial properties, the cordless freedom and gas-free operation will be a welcome change. The performance and durability delivered at such an affordable price point make this an easy investment to outfit entire crews.

As both an environmentally-conscious professional and a committed pruning perfectionist, I wholeheartedly recommend giving the RYOBI One+ Plus cordless trimmer a try. This incredible tool will change the way you approach trimming and pruning tasks forever.


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