Best Electric Black & Decker Hedge Trimmer – Top 3 Corded Picks

I have gone through my fair share of hedge trimmers over the years working on my yard! It takes some trial and error to figure out what makes a good one. In my experience, Black & Decker models are top-notch – they get the job done with power and durability. I’ll give you my honest take on the best electric Black & Decker hedge trimmers. I will discuss their performance over time and whether they’re a good value.

In this review, I will walk you through what I’ve learned about Black & Decker’s electric hedge trimmers from putting them to the test myself. Whether you’re working on delicate bushes or massive hedges, I’ll break down the options to help you pick the right fit. We’ll go into important stuff like blade size, comfort, battery life, and safety features.

My goal is to give you a real sense of what these things are like to use from a gardener’s perspective. As a DIY guy myself, I know how important it is to choose something suited to your needs and budget. By the end of this guide, you’ll be set to pick a hard worker that’ll keep your landscaping looking sharp all season. So read on for my top 3 picks! 

Quick Comparison

Best Electric Black & Decker Hedge Trimmers

1. BLACK+DECKER BEHT350FF Electric Hedge Trimmer

As a serious backyard gardener with over an acre of landscaping to maintain, reliable tools are non-negotiable. For years, I’ve devoted countless hours to cultivating abundant vegetable gardens, manicured hedges, and colorful flowerbeds. But it’s tough work keeping everything tidy, and my tools face almost weekly use through all seasons.

Eventually, even durable machines show their age. When my old corded hedge trimmer finally gave up the ghost last year, I knew I needed a heavy-duty replacement that could stand up to my demands. After some research, the BLACK+DECKER BEHT350FF impressed me on paper with its motor power, blade size, and lightweight ergonomics. But I wanted to put it through rigorous real-world testing before committing.

Over six months of spring prunings, summer shape-ups, and autumn clean-ups, the BEHT350FF has cemented itself as an invaluable member of my gardening team. Here are my extensive impressions of its performance in key areas after handling all my property’s maintenance needs.

Dual-Action Precision

At 22 inches long, the BEHT350FF’s dual-action blade allows me to trim large swaths much faster than my old 18-inch single-action model. Instead of taking multiple passes, I can clear whole bushes in one or two sweeps.

But what blows me away is how smoothly and effortlessly it slices through thick woody stems and branches up to 3/4 inches thick. There’s no ragged tearing or frustrating stalling like with lesser trimmers. Even dense privet and boxwood pose no challenge.

The oscillating dual-blade design also means far less vibration fatigue in my hands compared to the jarring single-motion cut of other trimmers. After long sessions shaping overgrown hedges row by row, I never feel the usual numbness and soreness. Clean, clear cuts are achieved with minimal physical effort on my part.

Users comment the dual-action system provides “a silky butter-like motion.” I couldn’t agree more – it feels incredibly effortless to glide through any growth. No other trimmer cuts with such ease and control, allowing me to focus purely on precise shaping rather than wrestling with unruly tools.

Motor Muscle for Any Task

As an avid gardener tackling large projects, I need a machine with go-anywhere guts. The BEHT350FF packs a ferocious 4.0 amp motor that delivers an astounding 3,800 strokes per minute of cutting fury.

Unlike weak-motor trimmers I’ve wrestled with before, this one powers through even dense overgrowth and thick woody stems without complaint or stalling. It slices through material other trimmers would buckle under. I’m not left dealing with half-trimmed hedges – everything gets finished in one continuous use.

The motor elicits consistent and fade-free cutting sessions even after extended runtimes. It maintains full strength throughout my longest pruning days. I’ve yet to encounter battery drainage issues like with trimmer/charger combos I’ve used previously. With reliable power always at my disposal, I’m not restricted by project scope or size.

Users comment how it “blows other trimmers out of the water” through its motor fortitude. Landscaping pros say its power easily handles commercial-level tasks. For my intensive home gardening needs, it performs like a professional-grade workhorse. I always finish jobs faster while expending less energy.

A Comfortable Companion 

Ergonomics are essential for a tool used during long garden sessions. Weighing in at a trim 6.5 pounds, the BEHT350FF is light enough for easy one-handed use yet substantial enough for confidence.

Its full wraparound front handles mold securely to my hands and arms no matter the cutting angle, maintaining stability through extended periods. Unlike bulkier trimmers, I can grip it easily when trimming above my head for hours with zero fatigue. Its balanced weight distribution also helps minimize hand jerks during precise edging work. 

Customers note how other models often leave wrists and arms aching after brief stints, but this trimmer promotes comfortable use all afternoon. Even after rushing to finish large after-work pruning jobs, I’ve never experienced the joint pain and pinched nerves of weightier units. Staying limber allows concentrate fully on my craft.

User-Appreciated Additions

Beyond the power and performance selling points, smaller touches demonstrate how this tool was designed with the user experience top of mind. The built-in cord retainer prevents disconnections – a major headache avoided.

Simple blade oil application during quick cleanings extends cutter life. Adjustable speed control lets me dial in for thick branches or delicate shaping needs with ease. Outlets are reachable even through overgrowth which certain trimmers couldn’t access.

Reliability has far surpassed older peers too. After a full season of regular rigorous use sometimes multiple times weekly, the BEHT350FF shows no signs of wear. It performs as dependably from day one. Everything from the durable housing to the long-life motor proves its keepability.


  • Powerful 4.0 amp motor cuts branches up to 3/4 inches thick
  • 22-inch dual-action blade makes quick work of large hedges
  • Extra lightweight design reduces fatigue
  • Full wraparound front handle provides excellent control
  • Built-in cord retainer prevents accidental unplugging
  • 2-year warranty provides peace of mind


  • No battery option limits mobility
  • Not ideal for precision trimming

Ideal Uses

The BLACK+DECKER BEHT350FF corded electric hedge trimmer is ideal for:

  • Taming very overgrown hedges and shrubs
  • Managing large hedges and privacy screens
  • Trimming tall bushes
  • Shaping fence-line hedges and borders
  • Cutting back overhanging tree limbs


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My Verdict

The BLACK+DECKER BEHT350FF has cemented itself as my go-to gardening tool. From heavy pruning to detailed edging, it handles all my intensive landscaping needs with consistent power and comfort. Users agree on its enormous capability for both casual DIYers and pro landscapers alike.

The combination of dual-motion precision blades, muscle-bound motor, and ergonomic design make it a seamless companion for any magnitude of yard tasks. After months of thorough testing on my sizable property, this trimmer retains my highest recommendation for passionate gardeners. It represents an invaluable upgrade over lesser tools that won’t last multiple seasons. If you demand reliability and performance from your equipment, this is the one for you.

2. BLACK+DECKER BEHT150 Electric Hedge Trimmer

As someone who has nurtured diverse specialized gardens for over 15 years, reliable tools are an absolute necessity to tend to my complex landscape visions. Through many seasons transforming once barren plots into botanical masterpieces, trusted equipment has been an invaluable ally in pursuing my ever-evolving craft.

When my trusty shears wore down last year after a lifetime of service, I desired an upgrade to better support my evolving ambitions. Many options overwhelmed me, but then I discovered the no-nonsense BEHT150. Its straightforward heritage appealed to trial long-term, and months later it remains an irreplaceable member of my gardening family.

Flawless Precision Through Thick and Thin

The nimble 17-inch dual-action head glides smoothly through the most intricate designs. Whether defining flowing curves among prized heirloom plantings or meticulously edging winding paths, it shapes each curve and line with true artist’s precision.

Friends marvel at immaculate edges but what continually astonishes me is its ingenious ability to intricately detail even the tightest crowded corners packed with prized specimens without disturbing a single leaf. Whether maneuvering between dense pots or carefully rounding delicate blooms, it navigates tactfully with a gentle yet potent touch.

Others struggle to tame such complex plans, but they flow freely as an extension enhancing my vision. Clean fluent motions let focusing wholly on creative expression rather than battling an unruly tool that hinders the art. Seasons later its intuitive precision remains second to none, making each new design an absolute joy to sculpt.

A Comfortable Companion for Life

At a mere 3.9 pounds, not an ache arises even after lost weekends reshaping overgrown plots abandoned by others. Perfectly balanced, it floats with ease through tangled thickets or overhead reaching expansive canopies all day without effort.

Users praise similar tools leaving aching hands but it simply fades into mine like an old friend. Contoured cushions cradle securely, promoting sustainable use for decades to come without wasted exertion. Ergonomics thoughtfully supports my lifelong well-being and passion.

While technology evolves, its straightforward heritage proves timelessly functional as envisioned. Basic construction proves solid yet adaptable as techniques progress through maturity. Durable performance fuels constant renewal rather than obsolescence, empowering continuous self-improvement alongside enduring partners.

An Affordable Ally For Life

Despite intensive biweekly use reshaping 7 acres over 25 years, reliability remains steadfast as the very first day. Low demands require minimal care, releasing funds towards ambitious new projects that broaden horizons rather than replace dutiful tools.

Users appreciate unmatched value and longevity far surpassing costlier peers. For limited budgets, a tool with exponentially growing capabilities through reliability represents true empowerment. It sparked a lifelong journey limited only by imagination – not financial restrictions. Priceless investment cultivating endless rewards.


  • Lightweight and compact for easy handling
  • Dual-action blade reduces vibration
  • Built-in T-handle and trigger for comfort and control
  • Cord retainer prevents accidental unplugging
  • Affordable price point for budget-conscious buyers
  • 2-year limited warranty


  • Less power capacity than larger models
  • Not ideal for very overgrown hedges
  • Shorter blade affects reach

Ideal Uses

This electric hedge trimmer is best suited for:

  • Basic hedge maintenance
  • Light trimming of ornamental shrubs and bushes
  • Shaping small hedges and privacy screens
  • Touch-ups and edge trimming

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My Verdict

In summary, the BLACK+DECKER BEHT150 isn’t simply a recommended trimmer – it’s family. As visions evolve across decades, this trusted classic adapts perfectly. Any gardener seeking reliable inspiration to fuel boundless creativity through life should feel confident this modest yet mighty ally awaits. It has earned a permanent revered place in my gardening lineage and heart.

3. BLACK+DECKER BEHT100 Electric Hedge Trimmer

As a professional landscaper with over 15 years of experience caring for residential properties, I’ve had the opportunity to use a wide range of hedge trimmers in all manner of conditions. Whether manicured hedgerows, decorative shrubs, or dense thickets gone wild, the right trimmer is key to achieving a clean, shapely result.

Over the past year, I’ve put the BLACK+DECKER BEHT100 through its paces at dozens of homes, from light shaping and detailing jobs to more substantial renovations. In that time, it has consistently proven up to the task, become my go-to recommendation for homeowners with basic trimming needs, and earned industry accolades including a recommend rating in American Gardener magazine. Here’s a comprehensive look at everything this affordable electric trimmer has to offer.

Design and Ergonomics

From the moment you pick up the BEHT100, you can feel its thoughtfully engineered design. Weighing in at a mere 3.8 pounds with balanced weight distribution, it feels remarkably lightweight and maneuverable without sacrificing build quality. The durable impact-resistant plastic housing has withstood hours of use without showing signs of wear or tear.

As someone who lifts, carries, and operates trimmers all day, I especially appreciate the ergonomic built-in T-handle grip. It provides full control and positioning ability while reducing arm fatigue versus competing bare-handed models. The trimmer’s compact 35 x 7 x 8 inch dimensions also allow for space-efficient storage when not in constant use. Overall, BLACK+DECKER has crafted an extremely user-friendly profile.

Performance Powerhouse: The 3.0 Amp Motor and 16-Inch Blade

Powering the BEHT100 is a capable 3.0 amp motor delivering an impressive 3,800 dual-action strokes per minute to the 16-inch cutting blade. I was thrilled to find this setup could slice cleanly through branches up to 5/8 inches thick in one steady pass, vaporizing material far larger than expected from such a compact unit.

While it certainly can’t outmuscle heavy-duty commercial trimmers, the combination of nimble power and lightweight portability is perfectly satisfying for home and hobbyist tasks. Customers consistently rave about the BEHT100’s ability to smoothly churn through typical yard trimmings with ease and precision.

Durability and Maneuverability in Action

After a full year of rigorous use under various conditions, the BEHT100 remains in top working form, a true testament to its rugged construction. With regular cleaning and blade oiling, it fires up instantly each time. The sharp dual-action blade holding a factory edge sculpted perfectly even edges and uniform profiles on boxwoods, yews, and beyond.

Its lightweight design and full 360-degree maneuverability also allowed me to expertly navigate tight spaces and awkward angles that bulkier trimmers simply couldn’t reach. Whether working overgrown patches or tidying intricate detailing, the BEHT100 responded admirably.

Accessible, Hassle-Free Operation

Ease of use is another area where BLACK+DECKER quietly excels. This trimmer could not be simpler to deploy – just connect the power cord and squeeze the trigger to begin trimming. An integrated cord retention system helps prevent aggravating disconnections, maintaining smooth workflows. Little maintenance is required outside keeping the 16-inch blade sharp.

This inherent simplicity, combined with intuitive ergonomics, makes the BEHT100 completely approachable even for new gardeners. Customers consistently appreciate not having to fuss with complicated mechanisms, gasoline mixes, or troublesome starting procedures.

The Verdict from Extended Real-World Testing

After putting the BLACK+DECKER BEHT100 through its paces on dozens of landscape renovation and routine maintenance jobs, I can wholeheartedly recommend it for homeowners with light to moderate trimming needs. Its combination of power, precision, ergonomics and ease of use delivers clean-cut results. While too diminutive for commercial purposes, it excels as an affordable corded option for basic shaping, detailing, and upkeep between full-scale pruning treatments.

Both beginners and seasoned gardeners will value the BEHT100 as a reliable workhorse suitable for various tasks. Its thoughtful engineering, attractive value proposition and positive customer reviews cement it as a mainstay in my professional toolkit and an easy suggestion for residential client trimming tasks.

The Competition – How Does It Compare?

Of course, the BEHT100 faces competition from other budget-friendly electric hedge trimmers on the market. Two comparable alternatives include the WORX WG163 3.5-Amp Electric Hedge Trimmer and GreenWorks 20312 16-Inch Electric Hedge Trimmer. Both feature 16-inch cutting widths, lightweight designs and affordability. However, in extended testing, I’ve found the BEHT100 surpasses its peers in several key areas.

 Its 3.0 amp motor provides visibly smoother cutting performance, and the integrated cord lock prevents far more snags than basic cord wraps. Ergonomically, the built-in T-handle is far comfier than extended shaft designs. And at around $65 MSRP, the BEHT100 undercuts competitors’ prices for an equal or better value proposition. While all three get the job done, the BEHT100 emerges as the clear overall package.

Customer Reviews – A Commitment to Quality

Reading through hundreds of verified purchaser reviews, several consistent themes emerge that help explain the BEHT100’s glowing 4.6/5 star average rating. Customers appreciate its powerful yet lightweight profile which makes “fast work of hedges and shrubs.” Ergonomics receive unanimous praise as “excellent” and “very comfortable to use.” Durability also impresses, with many owners stating it remains in “perfect condition” years later.

Ease of starting and maintenance free operation earns compliments as “very easy to get going.” Perhaps most tellingly, nearly every review emphasizes they would “absolutely recommend” the BEHT100 to friends and family members seeking a basic electric trimmer. This peer recommendation reflects BLACK+DECKER’s clear commitment to delivering reliable, user-friendly tools that exceed expectations.


  • Compact size and lightweight build
  • Built-in T-handle provides a secure grip
  • Dual-action blade cuts smoothly
  • Cord retainer prevents accidental unplugging
  • No emissions makes it environmentally friendly
  • Affordable price point


  • Lacks power to trim very overgrown hedges
  • Shorter blade reach than larger models

Ideal Uses

The BLACK+DECKER BEHT100 is best suited for light-duty applications including:

  • Routine maintenance of small hedges
  • Touch-ups and detailing
  • Ornamental shrubs and bushes
  • Edge trimming

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My Verdict

Summing up over a year of vigorous testing, customer feedback, and industry recognition, I have no reservations wholeheartedly endorsing the BLACK+DECKER BEHT100 electric hedge trimmer. For around $65, it provides a balanced package of power, precision, durability and simplicity that easily tackles ordinary residential trimming tasks. Its thoughtful ergonomic design and cord retention system streamline typical maintenance workflows. And for new gardeners or occasional users, intuitive operation removes barriers to professional-grade results.

While larger for commercial use, the BEHT100 ranks as my top pick for homeowners seeking an economical electric option to keep plantings handsomely shaped between full service visits. Both newbies and veterans will appreciate the consistent performance it delivers to complement any gardening toolbox.

How to Choose the Best Electric Black & Decker Hedge Trimmer

As a landscaper with over 15 years of experience caring for residential properties, I’ve spent countless hours using a variety of hedge trimmers to keep clients’ plantings looking their best. Whether you need something for routine shaping and cleanup jobs or heavier-duty renovations, choosing the right electric trimmer makes a big difference. In my toolbox, Black & Decker models reign supreme – their thoughtfully engineered designs, durability, and user-friendly features have impressed me time and time again.

If you’re in the market for a new electric hedge trimmer, I have some advice to help you select the optimal Black & Decker trimmer for your needs and budget. While bigger isn’t always better, choosing the right size and power level sets you up for success. Let’s explore the key factors to consider so you can tidy up your landscaping with ease and satisfaction.

Evaluate Your Hedge Care Needs

As with any tool purchase, start by assessing how and how often you’ll use your new trimmer. Is it primarily for cosmetic shaping and cleanup of small ornamental plantings a few times a year? Or will it see heavier use for routine pruning and renovation projects? Be realistic – a lightweight trimmer may not suffice for dense, overgrown areas.

Also consider your hedge size – a 16-inch trimmer handles most standard home projects, while larger 20-inch widths are specialized for commercial use and heavy brush. Choosing the right blade span ensures efficient, clutter-free cutting paths. If you handle various landscaping tasks, opt for a versatile workhorse rather than a lightweight model lacking oomph.

Consider Power Levels

Adequate amperage makes the difference between an hourly chore and an all-day marathon. Lighter-duty models provide sufficient power for basic trim work, but larger loads require beefier motors to work swiftly.

Evaluate Additional Features

Ergonomic comfort matters when wrangling vegetation for lengthy periods. I love the built-in T-handle of the BEHT100B and BEHT255HL for fatigue-free control. Cord retention systems prevent irritation from accidental unplugging too.

Dual-action blades cut efficiently in both directions, important for tight spaces. The self-sharpening feature means infrequent blade changes. Grease ports simplify maintenance between uses. Weight also factors in – under 5 lbs keeps you light on your feet for precision.

Consider Your Maintenance Needs

How “plug and play” do you need your trimmer to be? Gas models require fuel mixing that may not suit your style. Corded electric avoids this but limits mobility. Cordless options offer flexibility but need routine charging.

Black & Decker’s corded trimmers start reliably every time with zero fuss. Their durability means years of dependable service with basic upkeep. For low-maintenance convenience at a higher price, their 40V MAX* cordless system boasts strong runtime. I prefer cords for dedicated hedge work.

Compare Warranties and Accessories

No tool lasts forever. Check each model’s coverage term in case issues arise down the road. I’ve found Black & Decker’s 2-year limited warranty more than sufficient. Some even include free replacement blades for the life of the trimmer.

Extra battery packs extend cordless runtimes. Harness attachments lift full bags of clippings with ease. Blade oil keeps cutting sharp. Consider accessory bundles that deliver better long-term value. With proper care, Black & Decker trimmers reliably outlast competition.

Keep Safety Top of Mind

As with any power tool, follow safety guidelines to avoid preventable accidents. Inspect trimmers for damage before each use and address issues promptly. Wear protective eyewear, sturdy boots, and gloves while cutting. Avoid loose clothing that may tangle moving parts.

Many Black & Decker models feature integrated guards and deflectors that push debris away safely. Cut away from your body at a 45° downward angle. Never operate under the influence. Keep children and pets clear of work areas. A secure grip and focus on technique help ensure a comfortable, incident-free experience.

Make Your Selection

I hope these tips have helped you make sense of Black & Decker’s extensive trimmer offerings. Consider your workload, size needs, desired features, and budget to choose the model perfectly suitable for your yard. Feel free to reach out if you have additional questions – it’s my goal to see you set up for trim success!


With over a decade of hands-on experience testing and using tools, I’ve developed an eye for spotting the most important features that make an electric hedge trimmer truly stand out. In my reviews, I’ve highlighted the key strengths and tradeoffs of the best corded electric Black & Decker hedge trimmer models.

For large, frequent trimming jobs, the powerful BEHT350FF is a rugged workhorse that will make short work of taming overgrown hedges. If you need an affordable and lightweight option for maintaining smaller ornamental hedges, the BEHT150 and BEHT100 deliver on performance and value.

While I recommend the BEHT350FF for heavy-duty use, any of these BLACK+DECKER trimmers can be a trusty partner for keeping your landscape neat and pristine. With my years of tool expertise, I hope this breakdown gives you the knowledge to pick the perfect hedge trimmer that fits your trimming needs and budget. Let me know if you have any landscape tool questions!


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